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Technical Writing - Translation - User Friendly Work - Publicity Materials

A "user-friendly" Text is essential in many circumstances, and several of my projects have aimed at creating this for particular target audiences

My Websites. My Woodlands Web site has sections on Site Design and Site Operation which are aimed at "the average computer user", to help them get started with their first website. The system is intended to help them make the design choices that they want (I would make the first pages for them based on this) and then help them up 'the learning curve' of site operation and improvement, with the minimum of 'hand-holding' from me (though some will be necessary)

CD-ROM. Rainwater Collection Systems. This is a CD-ROM produced by a team of Margraf Publishing, the author, Hans Hartung, and myself. It was aimed at a global market of development workers and technicians in developing countries where there are water shortages. There were several elements to the CD:-

  1. an audio-visual slide show of successful projects in Kenya, to publicise rainwater harvesting, aimed at potential donors and user groups, and intended to answer some of the initial questions they might ask.
  2. introductory articles and case studies, aimed at technicians and development workers who might be trying to implement a rainwater harvesting system in their own location.
  3. the conference proceedings from the 9th and 10th International Conferences on Rainwater Catchment Systems (these expert papers on local research were left 'as written' by the contributors to the conference).

Much of the content was written by non-English speakers, and much of it was also simplified to be 'user-friendly' to the target audiences of local technicians, potential users, potential donors, and development workers.

Book. Hot Water from the Sun. The original document was written as a series of experiments using an 'artificial sun' for testing different designs of solar panels using materials locally and cheaply available in developing countries. I re-organised the raw data so that useful information would be accessible to technicians in the developing countries, e.g. coconut fibre may be 2% less efficient as an insulator than fibre glass for the back of a solar panel, but this may be very cheap, and so make good economics. It was aimed at technicians with a moderate educational level and command of English.

Newsletters. Micro-Hydro Power Newsletter. This was established by a German charity to link groups around the world working in this field (e.g. in Tibet, the Andes, Kenya) and to encourage technical collaboration directly between these groups rather than through European consultants. It was particularly aimed at technicians in the developing countries who might only have a moderate command of English.

There is also a Full List of my publications organised by publisher.

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