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Woodlands Writing

Other Services - George McNamara

I am developing a range of other services based on academic techniques :-.

Text and Discourse Analysis Toolbox. Details of this are here. I have also applied the toolbox and many other techniques to UK Government food policy on a seperate site here

Context Analysis Service. I am developing this service, and the raw material for it can be found in my Context Analysis of the food and farming sector, which is here, included the beginning of the analysis process, which I am developing further.

There is another possibility which is difficult to describe - I have an ability to digest, summarise and simplify complex topics. There are examples of this among my writings at, and I would particular draw your attention to my work on elites and mythology. I have not thought of a good name for this yet.

I am continuing to do My Own Writing, including a first novel, and the possible adaptation of my dissertation for publication, along with slowly extending the Whatever Will Be website.

I am interested in finding co-workers with whom I can work in these areas, seeking suitable research contracts.

For more information, please contact me at or by phone on (++44)(0)1372-749803