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Woodlands Writing - George McNamara

Publicity Materials and Newsletters

Technical Writing - Translation - User Friendly Work - Publicity Materials
Though not a publicity or marketing professional, I can produce very effective work :-

Epsom Common Association. I was chair of the Association from 1994 to 2001. I produced 3 newsletters a year for a membership of about 400, mostly in the local area. The newsletter had a number of roles:-

  1. To publicise the guided tours of Epsom Common and public lectures organised by the Association
  2. To keep the membership up to date with any new developments or administrative decisions affecting the common.
  3. To raise issues for public consultation when necessary
  4. To update the membership on the progress towards the aims and goals of the Association.

A new 'aims and goals' document was produced by a sub-committee (where I played a secretarial role, and prepared the successive drafts for discussion). For many years I produced the posters and publicity materials for the Association, mostly using a 'cheap and cheerful' cut-and-paste method for photocopying onto coloured paper. Minutes of meetings are also one of my specialities !

Henry Butcher + Co. I worked as a site and project manager for this firm of Industrial Auctioneers and Valuers for 7 years. My writings here included :-

  1. Auction Catalogues, where the descriptions of each lot must be especially clear and unambiguous
  2. Auction Flysheets. I specialised in sales of computer, video, audio and electronic equipment, and I would organise the attendance of a photographer, set up a background and 'stock shots', and choose the most important equipment for photography and organise its display and grouping on a rostrum. I would write the flysheet text, and liaise with the designer for proof copies and the inclusion of the correct information for attending the sale and obtaining catalogues
  3. Advertising Copy. On occasion I would research the specialist trade periodicals as to publication dates, costs, templates, etc., and write the text for inclusion in the advert template.
  4. Sale Day. As site manager, I helped to greet the people attending the auction, and I also organised or carried out security, catering, washroom, signage, rostrum building, and other facilities both for the auction staff and visitors, as needed.

Similar catalogues and flysheets can be found on the Henry Butcher website

Trade Shows, Conferences and Exhibitions. I enjoy this type of short-term work, both as a visitor to them and as a staff member for the organisers or on individual stands.

Union of International Associations. I produced an internal report on the Image, Visibility and Marketing of the UIA, which I will re-work into an "Organisational Studies" section on my website

Web Site Authoring. As you can see, I am very good at writing and designing websites, and promoting them to search engines, etc.

Rainwater Collection Systems. Part of the purpose of this CD-ROM for Margraf Publishing was that it should be a useful tool for development workers to promote Rainwater Harvesting - they could show it to potential donors or funders, or to potential users in the developing countries, and that these groups would see the potential of the techniques involved, the advantages to themselves, and to clearly see that the results promised would be achievable.

There is also a Full List of my publications organised by publisher.

For more information, please contact me at or by phone on (++44)(0)1372-749803